ZoHo CRM Extension Installation Help

Installing the Extension for ZoHo CRM

  • Go to ZoHo Marketplace search for iHound Extension for ZoHo CRM
  • Click the install button
  • Accept terms & conditions
  • Click “Install

Begin Installation Process

  • When the Global GPS Team Management screen appears
  • Tick acceptance of Term of Service
  • Tick to authorize Global GPS Team Management to access and process data as required
  • Click Continue

Continue Installation

  • Check “Install for all users” (recommended) or “Admins Only”
  • Click “Confirm”

Integrating with iHound

  • On the next GPS Team Management screen
  • Either “Sign Up” for a new iHound account or “Authorize” your existing iHound account
  • Create your new account or log in to your current account

Complete Installation

  • After logging in
  • Check “Yes” to import your ZoHo Data
  • Select Modules – Check all (recommended)
  • Click “Allow Access”
  • Click “Finish”


Click “Finish” and your iHound and ZoHo CRM accounts are now integrated. It will take a few minutes for your ZoHo CRM contacts to appear in the iHound Client List.

Watch the video tutorial here

Using the ZoHo CRM Extension

Using the extension

Once the extension in installed ZoHo CRM users will have an ‘iHound Client Summary” section on their contacts, vendors and leads pages.

The client visit summary shows:

  • Average cost of client visit: – The labour cost of all visits to this client
  • Average meeting time: – The average time of all visits to this client
  • Total number of visits – The total number of visits by all team members to this client
  • Most visited by: – The team member who has most visited this client
  • Next scheduled visit: – The date & time of the next scheduled visit to this client

Client Summary

The data contained within the iHound client summary is automatically populated from the team members devices while they use the iHound application.

The team members visit notes and attachments (files, scans & images) are also automatically added to the clients CRM page and appear in your standard notes section and attachments section.

Team Members within Range

Below the client summary section iHound also shows where all your Team Members are in relation to the clients page you are one.

iHound will show Team Members Less the 5kms away, Less then 10, Less then 25, less then 50 and greater then 50kms away from that clients location so you know which Team Member to schedule the most time efficient visit with.

Scheduling a vists

To send a Team Member to visit a client from ZoHo CRM is as simple as clicking on the Team Members name in the iHound Client Summary section and entering the preferred time and date.

The visit will then be sent to the Team Members device to accept and complete. You can also schedule visits and dispatch from your iHound Dashboard and it will automatically update ZoHo CRM.

Re-order iHound Client Summary

Move the iHound client summary higher on your ZoHo CRM Page – To push the iHound client summary up the page to the top of your related lists click the small arrow to the top right corner of the client summary section. Click reorder, select iHound Client Summary and then push it up to the top of the list.

ZoHo CRM Deals

When deals are closed in ZoHo CRM the data is automatically pushed to the iHound Dashboard where we you’re your teams weekly sales including loses and gains and calculate your teams visit cost to sales ratio’s.

Download the PDF Help File