network and telecommunication technology

Secure Network

When it comes to information security, we have one of the finest security networks built with powerful and standardised third party data warehousing, firewalls and dedicated servers adopted from the industry leading countries like the USA, Europe and Australia.

Service Monitoring

We prioritize the trust you bestow on us with your crucial data. Our expert monitoring system ensures your data is continuously under strict supervision with live alert sent to our security crew via email or sms in case of any safety breach.

Hardware Firewall

Apart from other security measures, our hardware firewall provides an additional wall to protect your information from unwanted traffic, illegal hackers and attackers arriving at the servers.

Extended Support

We work with an immensely knowledgeable hardware support team who are extensively serving our clients with a proactive approach to expert solutions for any issues with the monitoring system.

Daily Server Backups

With iHound, you never have to worry about losing data. Our servers backup are maintained on a daily basis to our robust data protection storage facility and retained for 14 days. In case of a critical requirement, we ensure our backups allows us to restore files, folders or even recover back the entire server if desired.