Hi Jill, your Delivery from Smith and Sons is on it way!

iHound Employee GPS Tracking App and Delivery Driver Management app is a technically advanced software used to extend high-end solutions to business men and customers without any restriction on area code or zone.

  • No Hardware Installation Needed
  • Automatic Delivery and Driver Monitoring
  • Cost-Effective – Spent less than $2 per month per driver
  • Multi-Usage Application
  • Notify Customers With SMS Alert
  • Compatible with Android and Apple OS
  • Track Live Delivery and Drivers
  • Auto Record Start and Stop Work Time

Customer Benefits of On – Demand App:

  • Receive SMS Alert with link when Delivery is enroute
  • Just a Click on the Link to get live delivery location
  • Get Auto Arrival Notification when Delivery is close
  • Automatically close delivery management software app tracking access when driver leaves customer premises Replace Disturbing calls With Technology

Driver Benefits of Delivery Management App:

Use on-demand delivery management app to send live and updated information directly on their handset.

  • Delivery order and location details
  • Map to the delivery address
  • Navigate the Shortest Route to save time (Especially applicable to facilitate multiple deliveries to be made in least time)
  • Notify the Payment Status – if the driver needs to collect the payment
  • Customer contact number
  • Special Instruction – if any, given by the customer

Delivery driver management app paves a smooth way to handle and monitor drivers while they are out for delivery

Management Benefits:

Delivery management software allows cooperative access to admin and team to use the delivery dashboard for live and update data.

  • Get live location of all your active drivers
  • Use Delivery driver management app to take orders, edit and assign drivers instantly
  • Auto record order time and customer wait time – Display estimated time needed for delivery
  • Design Efficient Budget – Delivery management software auto-calculates labor cost with input data like drivers average hourly wage and number of deliveries made
  • Auto System alert, reporting and more
  • Never miss a delivery status as On-demand delivery management app color codes the statuses for convenience.

Control your logistics efficiently with on-demand delivery driver management app

Manage your logistics like never before from the palm of your hand

Staff Privacy:

We aim to provide both employer and employee a stress-free platform where they can work and maintain their privacy intact. Prioritizing your staff’s privacy, we have incorporated some important features in our on-demand delivery management app.

Your staff can schedule their regular work hours on the delivery management software and the app will only work in those hours and shut down after that. The app can also be operated manually with the start work and stop work features which will activate and deactivate the application respectively.

Apart from the set hours, the delivery driver management app will not record, save or monitor your staff’s location.


Our reporting facilities include:

  • Summarized Alert Reports
  • Geofenced or customer area in/out report, arrival and departure reports
  • Work Time Duration Reports – with start work and stop work times
  • Customer Visit reports
  • Summarized map history
  • Estimated labor cost reports
  • Stop work reports
  • Many more

If you are too occupied to keep track of daily work reports, our on-demand delivery management software eases your work with an auto-scheduled report feature. You can build the report you want and it will automatically be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly in a PDF or Excel sheet format.

Hi Thomas, your Delivery from Peterson's is on it way!

Other Benefits:
  • Web-based application – can work anywhere with an active internet connectivity
  • Automate Workflow and improve cost savings
  • Simple download and installation facility from any app store
  • Effective ZoHo CRM Integration facility available
  • Works on both Android and Apple OS
  • Record Your Customer’s feedback freely


  • Highly Affordable – Spent less than $2 per driver per month
  • Import Client List from web or handset automatically
  • SMS Alerts are billed separately – Different cost for different country code
  • 24/7 live customer support with chat and ticket facility
  • New to the App? Go Through Our Easy 60 second online training tutorial
  • Multi-lingual facility.

Monitor - Dispatch - Automate - Integrate