Frequently Asked Questions

Simplicity, service, price, global cloud based access and a superior product. What more do you need?

GPS locating and GPS systems have always been a difficult, complex business. Lots of acronyms, tech terminology with confusing and complicated user interfaces while trying to deal with service / support staff who have those hats with propellers on top of them. Even thinking about installing a system to manage and secure and manage your workforce would be enough to make you want to forget the whole thing.

Those times have now come to an end; we built iHound with one overall goal in mind, simplicity. We too were once faced with the complex and expensive options available and decided that there must be an easier way, there wasn’t…

So, we built our own and now you are only a few steps away from having access to the easiest and most cost effective system available. iHound is built on a platform where you only see what’s relevant to you or your business. The system is very simple and user friendly but has extremely high levels of functionality that you can add and scale as you need or want.

Our iOS or Android App is installed on your devices, the application uses your devices location services to report back relevant location data to our servers which is interpreted to supply you with the information you need to efficiently manage your global workforce.

The device receives a gps satellite signal which allows the device to calculate its position, altitude, heading and speed anywhere on the face of the earth. The position is stored within the handset. The device then uses its mobile phone internet broadband to send its location information to the iHound GPS Matrix.

With your username and password you can log into the iHound GPS Matrix to view your workforce locations and generate usage reports, alerts and a multitude of other functionalities.

The iHound app can locate and follow any device that can be fitted with an android or Apple Application, that has internet connectivity and location or gps services.

An asset key is a unique identifying number that we generate to identify the device we are tracking. When you enter the asset key into a device and log in, that device will be allocated your dashboard.

In the app go to the main screen / map. In the bottom left hand corner click “Add Asset”.

Enter the asset name (Team Member) the phone number and their email address and click “Create Asset”.

You will then be issued with an asset key. on the new device log in screen enter the asset key, select the preferred language and click “Log In”

The new device will now be added to your account, you can view it on you dashboard and in the settings of that new device you can go into settings and customise that team members device. Privacy settings, accuracy etc.

An asset key is a unique identifying number that we generate to identify the device we are tracking. When you enter the asset key into a device and log in, that device will be allocated your dashboard.

When you schedule a new client visit from the dashboard to a device our system auto generates a digital geofence around that address. When the device crosses that geofence the system alerts you that the team member has arrived at the meeting. When the device leaves the geofence you are notified that the team member has completed the client visit.

Accuracy is dependent on GPS reception and the users settings of accuracy and frequency over battery life. On a normal suburban street or country road where a clear view of the sky is possible the accuracy is approximately 2 to 5 metres. However, in built up areas where the street is shadowed by buildings or in rural areas under dense foliage, accuracy may be reduced.

GPS may not function well within buildings, so the GPS tracking device will always report the last known location.

For example: The position just before you entered an underground car park or airport.

Depending on your location the monthly subscription fee for the application ranges from USD3.00 to USD6.00 per month per device.

The minimal data used by the app is supplied by the same provider that provides the data for the internet and email etc for the device and is generally incorporated with your phone package.

iHound will work anywhere, but it will only transmit real time tracking when the device is within GSM (Mobile Phone Coverage).

Any information collected by our Android app that is not able to be transmitted immediately will be stored within the device and transmitted automatically when mobile phone internet broadband signals are available. Most models use 2.5G or GPRS mobile broadband to send their information.

Depending on your country you may need to. In some countries by law you must inform your staff that GPS locating is installed in their company devices. It is also good practice to discuss the benefits of GPS locating with your staff and how it may assist their daily activities rather than create the perception that management is implementing the technology and using the big brother approach.

Yes, you can login to the iHound GPS Dashboard on any computer as long as it is connected to the internet. We recommend using Google Chrome to view the dashboard. Of course the faster the connection speed, the faster our system will run. So, for example, broad band will be much faster than a dial-up connection. (Does anyone really still have dial up??)

Yes, the dashboard is built into both the Android and iOS App when you are logged in with an Administrator account. The android app is available in the Play Store and the iPhone app is available in the App Store.

No, the only web access charge you pay is to your internet provider.

No, all you need to do is install the app on your current devices.

No, the monthly subscription is all inclusive.

We also offer an SMS alert service where as certain alerts such as after hours operations will send an SMS message to you phone alerting you. If you activate this service SMS alerts may be charged to your account depending on the alert, for an additional fee.

No, our monthly price incorporates everything.

Yes, devices can report as frequently as 30 second intervals in real time and these positions are automatically displayed in your iHound dashboard.

Yes, device locations and times are pinpointed from Global Position System satellites and relayed to our global data centers over the GPRS network in real time.

Generally the systems maintain in excess of 90% uptime but unfortunately at this point in time there are no GSM based GPS systems available that give 100% coverage (but we’re working on it) the device could be out of cellular range or inside a building impacting GPS signals.

Climate and atmospheric conditions can also impact GPS requests and responses. Wait a few minutes or wait till climate conditions are better and try again. Also consider, the device may be temporarily residing in a low-cellular signal area

If we didn’t answer your question here, use one of the multiple methods to  contact us for help. The most effective is the support ticket system where one of our team members will quickly get back to you for a live help session to fix any issues you may be having.