iHound Team Management

Key System Benefits

Monitor - Automate - Integrate

iHound effortlessly automates your company workflow by integrating with Zoho leads, accounts, vendors and contacts with our personalized GPS location software. This helps to reduce the project cost considerably and improve efficiency by allowing you a convenient window to schedule client visits, review notes and analyses the overall costs.

iHound uses GPS location tracking software to monitor the time when your team enters the client’s premises and provides a cost per visit report with the average cost of labour on an hourly basis.

If your team travels to places to visit your client and clicks on the ‘Going To’ tab, iHound App instantly tracks their real-time location and gives back the average travel time report.   

You can track your client sales percentage through Zoho CRM. iHound makes this task quick and simple by comparing individual client visit costs with client sales and eventually documents them in the client to client sales/cost report.

iHound is the best App to track your staff’s work efficiency and performance. iHound monitors each staff member’s movement and gives a detailed report about the task they complete, the time they spent with your clients and the average time they spent inside or out of office.

iHound is not restricted to work on specific operating systems. It works for both android and Apple OS operated devices and can track the handsets all around the globe.

In unfavourable scenarios, when the digital device might have shut down within working hours, iHound app will send an instant notification to alert the last location and status of the device.

iHound App is programmed with the flexibility that the host can optimize the GPS accuracy and frequency of the tracking report to improve the device’s battery life and reduce data usage

This is another interesting feature of the iHound App. Enhancing the device’s battery life and reducing the continuous data usage, the device can be put into motion wake mode where it will only notify the location when the device has moved further from a set distance from its current location.

Get an instant alert whenever your team reaches or departs from international airports.

iHound App sends notification alerts via:

  1. Desktop Popup
  2. Email
  3. Phone Notification (With installed App)

Automatically keeps you updated with the latest updates and news, absolutely free.

Zoho CRM integration automatically creates Geofencing with the client’s premises. But iHound also allows customized Geofencing to build your boundaries with your office building, non-client locations etc and get notified instantly when your team enters or leaves the premises.

iHound provides a 24 hours support team to help and guide you with live chat and support ticket system

You can easily customise the App to receive automatically generated live reports of client visits, time spent on-site, distance and time of travel, working hours and ultimate sales.

Lack of network coverage can render all apps useless. But not iHound. iHound can work without network data and record all relevant GPS data. Later, when it gets access to mobile data or a wifi network, it automatically uploads all the information into the system.

To maintain your work ethics and share a productive bond with your employees, iHound App incorporates a special feature called ‘Privacy Mode’ that enables you to set the days and hours when the app would be active on your device.

During the non-working hours, the app will not track or record your whereabouts.

Language is not a barrier to use iHound. It is currently available in:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian

Soon to be upgraded in other languages like:

  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Spanish