iHound Team Management

Key System Benefits

Monitor - Automate - Integrate

iHound seamlessly integrates with your ZoHo leads, accounts, vendors and contacts allowing you to easily schedule visits, review notes, review historical client visits and costs within ZoHo and iHound.

By use of our custom GPS Location software we automate a huge part of the daily grind ultimately reducing your overall costs and increasing efficiency.

After entering your average hourly labour cost, iHound will, via GPS location, calculate the time spent at client premises and return you a cost per visit report.

When staff accept a new client visit and click “Going To” iHound will track the travel time until arriving at the client premise and return you a cumulative travel time report.

If you are tracking your client sales through ZoHo CRM iHound will compare your individual client visit costs against your client sales and return to a client by client cost / sales efficiency report.

See which staff are completing the most client visits and their average time with each client. Also see which staff spend the most time in and out of the office.

iHound works globally on any Android or Apple handset. Instantly see on your desktop to the locations of all your staff worldwide.

If the device has an unscheduled power off (inside work hours) the device will send the administrator an alert advising the location and status.

We have given you the power to decrease or increase the GPS accuracy of the device and the frequency of it’s location reports to increase battery life and decrease data usage.

To save both battery power and data usage the app can be set to motion wake. In this state the device will only report its location if it moves more then a set distance from its current location.

Be notified whenever your staff arrive at or depart any International Airport.

Receive your notifications via:

  • Desktop popup
  • Email
  • Phone notifications (if app is installed)

Receive all the latest updates free and automatically

Client geofences are created automatically when integrated with ZoHo CRM but you can also build your own set of geofences, such as non-clients buildings, your offices, places of interest etc and be alerted when you staff access or leave them

24/7 multi lingual support system with live chat and support ticket system.

Receive live scheduled reports of client visits and time spend on site, distance travelled, working hours and productivity. Create automated reports based on your needs and easily customise the system to best suit your business

Travelling to areas where mobile data coverage is poor? No need to worry, the iHound app will still record all the relevant GPS data and upload it to the system once it either receives a mobile data signal or connects to a wifi network. It will then automatically delete the local data file to save memory space on the device.

In the work environment most people would not be comfortable with their locations being reported when outside of work hours.

To solve this issue we have incorporated a “Privacy Mode” which allows you to set the days and hours that the app is active. The app will not record any data outside of these times.

iHound is working towards multiple translations.

Currently available in:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian

Soon to come / in development:

  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • ¬†Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Spanish